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Bye bye Bremen


The last night in Bremen was everything that we could have hoped for. The short Madison ended without any team taking a significant advantage, although Lampater’s strong final sprint made us wonder what was left in the tank for the final.

The tension was thick as the hour-long (plus 50 laps!) madison began. The crowd had been whittled down to the pure sports fans, too, with no concerts on the evening’s program.

And we would not be disappointed. Lampater/Stroetinga went up a lap early to get a taste of first place, Burkart/Politt attacked several times to try to dislodge the World Champions, and Graf/Müller reminded us why they are the European Madison champions as they fought to catch fourth-placed Grasmann/Marguet.

Neither effort was meant to be: with just 12 laps to go, Rasmussen saw a gap and put in a strong attack, distancing the group despite the chase efforts of their competitors. That lap was enough to move into first place, but Rasmussen kept going, lapping the field again to seal the deal.

Full results below, and the official race report is here.

1. Marcel Kalz/Alex Rasmussen (0) 357
2. Morgan Kneisky/Jesper Mørkøv (1) 297
3. Leif Lampater/Wim Stroetinga (1) 286
4. Christian Grasmann/Tristan Marguet (5) 233
5. Andreas Graf/Andreas Müller (7) 153
6. Nick Stöpler/Nico Heßlich (12) 225
7. David Muntaner/Albert Torres (17) 117
8. Achim Burkart/Nils Politt (19) 118
9. Martin Blaha/Vojtech Hacecky (20) 102
10. Marcel Barth/Erik Mohs (26) 110
11. Luke Roberts/Bobby Lea (28) 143