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(Failed) interview with the band

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(Best selfie ever?)

I was so impressed with the band in Grenoble that I had to get a few words with them. Unfortunately, in between the lack of time and a common language, this was the best I could do:

What song is your favorite to play?

[A moment passes, they talk amongst themselves. My French is nowhere near what it should be to have this conversation].

All the music! eh… ambient music [he claps his hands. I suppose he means crowd-pleasers].

Do you guys play every year in Grenoble?

Yes, but after this year… c’est finit.

D. Where else do you play?

[Cannot be determined]. [Edit: Google, however, is a small help.]

What can be determined is that the band of Jean-Pierre Franck has been playing the Grenoble Six (yes, six, before it was cut to four, and then three) since 1992.

I will let their playing speak for itself. For example, did you know that Grenoble has (had) its own theme song? Yep. Just click right here to check it out.

The team presentation was pretty cool too, although how they got ahold of Grégory Baugé’s ringtone is beyond me.

And, when they broke into “Caravan,” (maybe my favorite jazz standard of all time), I had to resist the temptation to throw my hands in the air and lose my shit. My neighbors, oddly enough, were not as moved. Weird.