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Interview: Jean-Robert the bartender

IMG 3158

(One of us looks way happier than the other.)

How’s your night going?

Eh, good, hopefully better than last night, we didn’t finish until 2h.

You must work a lot of events, how does the six days stack up?

J-R. Good, the sporting events, cycling or supercross or whatever, are always fun.

D. Yeah, more than weddings or corporate christmas parties, right?

J-R. I dunno, at weddings we’re allowed to drink, and there’s girls to talk to…

D. … and I bet there’s some great parties in Grenoble too.

J-R. Yeah, it’s a very — how do you say? — punchy city, always changing.

D. It’s a pity that this is the last year of this race, I love coming to Grenoble to see it.

J-R. It’s the mayor, he just doesn’t see the value of it [so he pulled the city’s sponsorship].

D. What a dick.

J-R. Yeah.


Interview: Boro the bartender


Boro takes great care of the bar, part of the crack team of caterers that keeps the Amsterdam six-day fans from getting thirsty. I took a liking to him immediately, mostly because he always had a couple of words for me every time I passed by on the infield.


You excited for tonight?!

Eh… [shrugs].


Well, there’s football tonight…

Yeah, Barça – Ajax. I live in Barcelona!

Hm, careful, there’s a lot of Ajax fans around here.

I won’t say it too loud. Who’s going to win?

Eh… 4 – nil, Barcelona.


[Editor’s note: Barça did win, but the final score was 3-1.]

Oh, yeah, if you’re looking for the bar, just keep an eye out for the sign:


(Honey, where’s the bar?! I can’t find the bar. Why don’t they just tell you where it is?”)