There is more six-day action on the web than one might assume, after a first glance. That’s not saying much, but I’m doing my best here.

Firstly, check out the UIV website. The UIV, I was told, is a loosely-organized group of the folks who stay in contact to try to make sure that their races don’t overlap. It’s also the governing body for the under-23 (U23) competition, so you can find a bunch of useful information there.

Journalist Ed Hood has been covering bike racing for longer than I’ve been alive. Have a look at his site Velo Veritas which has its own six-day drop down menu, and then check his stuff at Pez Cycling News.

Cog magazine (now Two magazine) has also visited more than one six, here’s a link to their coverage of the Berlin Six. Then go buy issues eight and nine, because it’s way better for you than looking at a computer screen.

Each race has its own website, of course, but for the sake of saving space here I’ll send you over to the travel tips page.

Six-day racing isn’t just a european thing, either, so check out the web of the Burnaby Track near Vancouver.

Naturally, as a cycling fan I have my own favorite spots on the web. So if you’ve not yet heard of the Inner Ring, or Alps and Andes, go have a look. Same goes for the Official Unsanctioned Women’s Cycling Blog, with its excellent podcast.



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