A live game of Memory: five questions for Bobby Lea.

I had the good fortune to corner Bobby Lea at the Bremen Six Day race a few days ago.

What do you think of your first six days?

I think it’s quite an experience, although the first night was a shock to the system, I had no idea what was going on, didn’t even know where on the track I was. I was just pedaling like mad and waiting for it to be over. Riding with Luke [Roberts] has been great for me, he’s a great teacher, a good guide to teach me how to ride these things, especially on a small track. After two days I kind of got the swing of it, was able to settle into the racing and enjoy it, really start to have fun here.

I’ve been following you on Instagram, which made me realize that you can’t see across the track [because the VIP area is on a platform which obstructs a clear view]. That really changes the strategy, no?

It’s like a live game of memory. You get a little snapshot of what the race looks like, then you wait for the group to come around the turn and see what’s happening then. So it’s a little bit interesting but it keeps you on your toes, and after a while you get used to the pace and it starts to feel normal.

I was also reading about your bike – not only because I’m a bike nerd – and I noticed that you have a favorite. How do you choose a favorite bike? Me, I only have two bicycles and I think it’s hard to choose.

Well, really it’s my favorite track bike. I’ve been with Cervélo, to some degree, since the end of 2011, and I got on the team just over a year ago. It’s a beautiful bike: light, fast, stable at high speeds, even on this small track.

I can imagine that the geometry makes a big difference, sometimes the bike you ride just clicks into place.

Yeah, exactly.

What are you looking forward to most this coming season?

At this stage in the game, every week is a new adventure, and so it’s really just one day at a time, one race at a time, so right now I’m really enjoying this Bremen adventure and tomorrow we can start thinking about Berlin, and then the Worlds… still one race at a time.

One last question: what else do you do, when you’re not eating or sleeping or training?

Little hobby of mine is playing with antique motorcycles, whatever spare time I have I wind up digging into those things, I like working on them. I don’t work on them very well, but I’m good at taking them apart.

You gotta start somewhere.


Thank you!


For further reading, check Mr. Lea’s twitter, and, of course, Instagram. Jack McCallum’s profile, in Bicycling Magazine, is also well worth a read.


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