Interview with a flying Kiwi: Shane Archbold


I caught up with Shane Archbold in Ghent for a few quick words before he had to hit the track for the team presentation.

I hear they call you “The Flying Mullet”¹ because of a bet, what happened?
Some older New Zealand cyclists bet me that I wouldn’t grow a mullet for a year. I grew it for two and a half, but I’m still waiting to be paid for it.

What’s your favorite Six to ride?
This one: the crowd, the track, I love Belgium…

Congratulations on your road contract, Andreas Müller says you don’t like the Madison so much.
Well, it’s hard: the small gear, the constant riding, but we’re up a few laps on them, so I don’t know what he’s talking about.

So now that you’ve made the big time, are you coming back to ride next year?
Eh, maybe, maybe not… we’ll see.

What do you listen to on your iPod to get pumped up to race?
You don’t even need to, it’s so loud here.

Yeah, lots of sing-alongs in Dutch…
Yeah, and the same every night!

¹In all fairness, Mr. Archbald is trying to lose his nickname. Sure, he could ride slower, but it turns out that it’s easier for him just to get a haircut.



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