Interview: Boro the bartender


Boro takes great care of the bar, part of the crack team of caterers that keeps the Amsterdam six-day fans from getting thirsty. I took a liking to him immediately, mostly because he always had a couple of words for me every time I passed by on the infield.


You excited for tonight?!

Eh… [shrugs].


Well, there’s football tonight…

Yeah, Barça – Ajax. I live in Barcelona!

Hm, careful, there’s a lot of Ajax fans around here.

I won’t say it too loud. Who’s going to win?

Eh… 4 – nil, Barcelona.


[Editor’s note: Barça did win, but the final score was 3-1.]

Oh, yeah, if you’re looking for the bar, just keep an eye out for the sign:


(Honey, where’s the bar?! I can’t find the bar. Why don’t they just tell you where it is?”)



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