Interview: DJ Coco


DJ Coco is the only one behind the decks at the Amsterdam six-day race: whether it’s the Star Wars theme or La Bamba, it’s coming out of his bag (er, hard drive).

How’d you get your name?

I think, In English, a coco is a clown, and I was a DJ in the Rembrandt Square for five years, in a club called Mr. Coco’s. And so that’s why I was Coco.

What’s your favorite song to play at the Six Days?

At the moment, of course, Pitbull’s “Fireball”, yeah, it’s quite nice for the sprint.

Is there anything you’d like to play that you can’t? Any song you want to play, but wouldn’t be nice for the crowd, or the organization wouldn’t be so happy with you…

Yeah, a lot of cyclists want to have really hard music, techno or hard rock, sometimes I play AC/DC, but that’s the limit. But for me, that’s okay as well.

Where else do you play in Amsterdam?

Uh, I always do Rotterdam.

Oh, okay, the Zes Daagse Rotterdam.

Oh, you mean in clubs? All over Holland, I play everywhere.

Cool, what’s your favorite place to DJ?

Well, I also play when Ajax plays at home, in the stadium, that’s what I like most.

Aw man, you’re missing the game tonight!

Yeah, but fortunately, they’re not playing at home…


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