Interview: Lex van Deijl


Lex has a lot on his plate, but he’s not too busy to answer my silly questions, which he had to do every time I ran into him.

So, Lex, what’s your job here at the Amsterdam six days?

The whole backstage.

You coordinate everything?

I coordinate the volunteers, the security, accreditation, press…

You answer e-mails…


Thank you for that, by the way. What’s the biggest challenge, organizing the Amsterdam Six? What’s the hardest thing?

The hardest thing… hm… the audience.

The audience? Because they drink?

Yes, the beginning years, there were a lot of drunk people. A lot of people, we sell public cards for the tribunal, and in the first years, only the infield was only for VIP. But now it’s mixed, now it’s a little big better.

And what’s your favorite part about the 6 Days?

My favorite part? The whole thing!

Who’s your favorite racer?

Ooh [it’s difficult for him to say]…. Yoeri.

This whole operation is quite small, everyone here seems like family.

My wife is over at the ticket sales, and all of our friends and family are volunteering. But the riders are family also, when the riders come to Amsterdam, they’re coming home. And they see what the volunteers are doing, that they can ride.

That’s cool, it’s special.

When it’s Saturday, a lot of them go home with tears. That’s the six day family.

But it’s only been running again since 2001?

Yes, we started on 9-11, the same day.


And here, you live out of the world. You didn’t see anything, busy busy busy, only at night, at home, did you see the building fall on TV. The evening, the man who sung “New York, New York,” I was sitting in the dressing room with him as he was in tears.

Of course.

The whole music program had to change. The next day, 9-12, all of the flags were at half-mast, and everyone was wearing arm bands [in solidarity].

What a story.

Yeah, it was a story, the first six days we’ll remember forever.



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